Kidney Kars


The Mississippi Kidney Foundation accepts donations of vehicles, including cars, trucks and boats.

We accept vehicles, running or not, and we provide free towing.
This is especially helpful if you have a car that no longer runs. We can also pick your car up at the repair shop.

The Car Donation Program started in 1993, and since then, over 4,000 families have responded by donating a vehicle, generating well almost $2 million dollars. The money raised though the car donation program helps support the patient programs and services that the MKF provides.

When you itemize on your tax records, you are eligible for a tax deduction. The current guidelines for taxes allow the donor to take up to $500 or whatever the vehicle sells for at auction, whichever is greater.

The donation process is simple. Simply download the form from this webpage (below) or we can mail the form to you. The car must have a title, and tires are preferred. Call the Mississippi Kidney Foundation at (601) 981-3611 with any questions.

Put some good in the goodbye and help us drive away kidney disease!