About Mississippi Kidney Foundation

Making a Difference with Concern, Compassion & Results

Mississippi has over 6,000 kidney patients on dialysis, with more being added every day, giving our state one of the highest rates of kidney failure per capita in the nation. As the numbers increase, the Mississippi Kidney Foundation must diligently search for ways and means to provide financial and emotional support for these patients. With the support of our community partners and our wonderful volunteers, we are able to maintain ongoing, active programs and services, tailored to meet the specialized needs of kidney patients and those at increased risk of kidney failure. To that end, every dollar continues to be carefully spent where it can provide the maximum amount of support to those who call on us for help and hope.

The Mississippi Kidney Foundation Mission Statement

The Mississippi Kidney Foundation’s mission is to prevent kidney disease and improve the health and well-being of Mississippians through high-quality programs.