Organ Donor Awareness

Give the gift of life! It is estimated that 35% of potential donors never became organ donors because their family members refused to consent. Discuss your desire to be an organ donor with your family. Mississippi now has an organ donor registry. Register to be an organ donor at

Direct Assistance for Dialysis & Transplant Patients

The Mississippi Kidney Foundation works with social workers and health care professionals across the state to provide support for kidney patients facing hardships that could negatively impact their health. The greatest areas of need include nutrition, transportation, housing, medical expense, and emergency expenses due to natural disasters or fire.  

End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), the latest stage of kidney disease, can only be treated by receiving dialysis several days a week or receiving a new kidney through a transplant. Treatment is not only physically challenging, it can impact the emotional and financial health of patients and their families as well. Social workers are on the front lines and witness these struggles first hand. They see the challenges and they work closely with the Mississippi Kidney Foundation to help us meet as many needs for as many patients as possible.

Medical Identification Jewelry

Medical Alert bracelets or necklaces are available for kidney patients at the reduced rate of $5. Ask your Social Worker for details.