Organ Donor Awareness

Give the gift of life! Your next of kin has the final say, so please discuss your wishes with your family. It is estimated that 35% of potential donors never became organ donors because their family members refused to consent. Mississippi now has an organ donor registry. Register to be an organ donor at

Patient Emergency Fund/Direct Assistance

Funds raised by dialysis units for the Kidney Walk are held for patient emergencies.

Our needs-based programs help patients with food, nutritional supplements, transportation costs, utilities, and emergency necessities relating to health care. The harsh reality of kidney disease often leaves patients facing high out-of-pocket expenses, and we strongly believe that good health includes more than traditional medical care. By providing emergency assistance, the Mississippi Kidney Foundation emphasizes health promotion. We have a commitment to helping Mississippians maintain their wellbeing and therefore their livelihoods. 

Dialysis center social workers are on the front lines of patient’s financial struggles. They see the challenges their patients face, and they work closely with the Mississippi Kidney Foundation to connect their patients with various forms of assistance.

Transplant Emergency Fund

Working with the Transplantation Program at UMMC, this fund provides assistance for transplant patients who have emergency needs such as transportation assistance for follow-up clinics or other needs associated with the health and well-being of these transplanted patients.

Southern Comforts of Mississippi Cookbook

This newly designed cookbook, now in its third printing, is for kidney patients and their families. It is provided free to Mississippi residents; out-of-town residents may purchase the cookbook for $10. Please see your dietitian for your free cookbook.

Professional Advisory Board

This group, consisting of renal social workers, nurses, dietitians, and nurse practitioners, helps to plan and implement programs and patient services of the MKF.

Medic Identification Jewelry

Medical Alert bracelets or necklaces are available for kidney patients at the reduced rate of $5. Ask your Social Worker for details.